Saturday, November 3, 2012

I KNOW that I am smarter than this...

The days have been so busy, and I've been so tired at the end of the night. Wednesday was my last night of Kung Fu. Steve didn't get to come because he had to work late. Everybody practiced sparring with me to teach me as much as they could in one night. It was really fun! I'm going to miss them so much. I almost cried again saying good-bye to them and to Sifu. This link shows Master Chu. He is amazing! He's met my parents, sisters, and Steve's mom. They all love him!

Thursday was also very busy. I went through drawers throwing away junk and filing stuff that we just threw in there to get to later... I've learned now that I don't like "later." I think all of the drawers and shelves are organized now in our room for the movers. Steve sold his car so I had to go pick him up at the office. While there, I had the privilege of stopping at the clinic for my Meningitis and Hep. B shots. So fun! Then, I met Kristi, Angela, Randi, and Christina for dinner and drinks. It was so nice getting to hang out with them one last time. We talked and laughed and enjoyed ourselves. I cried on the way home. Don't get the wrong idea; I'm really excited about this move. I'm just really sad to leave people.

Today was so busy! My friend Cynthia came over this morning. We had some coffee and girl time before getting started! We went upstairs and designated one room as "Storage" and the other room as "Scotland" per my Aunt Lisa's idea. Then, we moved all the furniture, boxes, and other items to their designated room. All this moving stuff was very hard with 2 sore arms from shots and a pulled muscle in my back! We decided not to take the flat bed frame, and Cynthia's sister just happened to need one, so Viola! Problem solved. We hauled all the pieces downstairs and loaded it into her SUV. Once everything was moved from room-to-room, we took a lunch break at Chipotle. I like that place. After lunch we went to Pet Country to exchange one of the travel crates for a larger one. It's best to have it too big for snub-nosed dogs to allow for increased air flow. Then back home we climbed into the attics to remove everything. Another check! I packed up the iMac. It took me so long to figure out the arrangement of those foam corners in the box to put the computer back in it! I kept telling Cynthia, "I KNOW that I'm smarter than this!" Turns out that I am.

We also started a pile for the air shipment. My aunt Lisa suggested that I put my Christmas stuff in it because the surface shipment may not arrive in time. It's going to be depressing enough being away from family during that time; don't want to add to it by having no Christmas decorations. They are so cheery! We'll be taking those items, good pillows, more clothes, dog bowls/toys, iMac, XBox, and additional shoes in the air shipment, which is supposed to arrive in 1-2 weeks. Everything else will take 6-8 weeks.

Before leaving, Cynthia helped me empty my pantry. I don't want to just throw this stuff away. She took one box and 3-4 grocery bags full of stuff. God bless her! Next, I had to fill out prescription override forms to get a few months worth of supplies. Hopefully that is approved by next week! After all of that, I had a bad headache and decided it was nap time! Of course, people called, texted, and even knocked on the front door... so it wasn't much of a nap, but it helped. I wasn't mad or anything. I love to hear from people. That's what I get for napping after the work horn blows. That's when people call. We get so busy! Yesterday, Steve called me during lunch. I said, "Geez! Can I not even eat lunch??!" He said, "No, you can't." hahaha.

Today was Steve's last day to work in Texas. I took him to the van pool this morning and then picked him up at about 8 PM tonight. He had to get his shots today. It was a very long day for him. He's not feeling well. After picking him up, we met Randi to get the dogs' papers for their vet visit on Monday. They have to get their shots within 5 days of departure. The relocation company has her address so everything was sent there.

The movers are coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We'll end up at a hotel in the Galleria area when they take our bed or bed linens. Then, the dogs will go to Randi and Adam for some fun with their dogs!

Steve and I finally got to eat dinner at about 9:30 PM. Mac-n-cheese, beans, cucumbers, and red bell peppers were part of what was left to eat so that's what we had! hehe. We got to sit and enjoy Grimm for a bit. We love that show. Then we had to haul as much as possible out to the curb. We had an old TV stand with drawers in the garage. We started to drag it but as Steve pulled, the frame just slanted into a trapezoid shape as the bottom stayed right where it was. We tried a few different techniques before I said, "Steve! Just kick the darn thing and let it fall to pieces!" I should have gotten the video camera out. He squared off, did a back kick, and BAM! The cabinet folded over like an accordion and broke into pieces! I jumped up and down clapping like a kid who was just told they could eat the entire bowl of cookie dough. I'm his biggest fan. :o)  So we piled all of the pieces on the curb with two old stainless steel trashcans at the end of their lives. We also dragged our grill out to the curb. Think they will take it? HAHA. You should of seen us dragging that thing over the rock path, through the backyard to the front yard and then down the concrete drive way full of acorns. It went something like this. DA DOOK DA DOOK DA DOOK DA.. Me: "UGH! Steve it got stuck on the rocks. Okay, got it!" SSHIIISH, SHISH, SHISH, SHISH, DOOONK (hole in the ground). "Lift!" Okay.. on 3.. 1, 2, 3! SHISH, SHISH, SHISH, SHISH, SSSHHHHHHHHH....Steve: "Look at all the tracks in the yard!" Me: "Eh.. it's just grass. Let's go" SHSSHHHHH.. Me: "Wait" Steve: "What?" Me: "This is killing my hands... okay I'm ready"....EEEERRRRKKK, CREAK, CREAK, CREAK, CREAK, "Guess the neighbors are all awake now", CRUNCH, CREAK, CREAK, DING, DING, DING, CLANK, CLANK...okay it's good here. It was really funny. Well, I thought so. Steve will probably think it's funny later when he is feeling better.

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  1. Your attitude is remarkable, my friend! I love the play-by-play of the grill! LOL


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