Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walk Aberdeen - Urban Walkabout to St. Machar's Cathedral and U of Aberdeen

This weekend we decided to do an "urban walk" instead of a hike on one of the hills. Our walk was a little over 4 miles round trip. We walked to Saint Machar's Cathedral and then to the University of Aberdeen with our friends Jessica and James. It sounds strange to walk around a University, but if you want to get out and about Aberdeen, this is a good walk with lots of neat views. We started near Rosemount Place.

There are always interesting things to see around the city, especially if the city looks different from your hometown. Or sometimes, you happen to just catch the ordinary at the right moment.

I love the cobblestone streets here, unless I'm on my bicycle.

Saint Machar's Cathedral
We arrived too late in the day, so we couldn't go in the cathedral, but at least we got to walk around the churchyard.
The street you walk down to find the cathedral. :o)

 Headstones in the shape of crosses have beautiful designs on them.
Old Machar Churchyard

University of Aberdeen
From the cathedral, we headed up High Street to the University of Aberdeen. I recommend taking a walk down this street. It's just neat.

Kilau Coffee. I love their sign up top, and I agree.

National Animal of Scotland

National Animal of England

Saturday was a good day. I really enjoyed walking around the churchyard and the campus. We headed back to our house for pizza and card games. Interestingly, they put corn on pizzas here. Also, you can go to Asda and have a pizza made special for you to take home and cook in your own oven. Yum!

I didn't do much today other than cleaning, which is why I'm writing about the weekend. I think I'm getting a cold, but I'm hoping it's just allergies. I've been drinking loads of water and white tea. I think I'll try a bath tomorrow. A friend of my mom's suggested putting 100% clay cat litter in a sock and put that in a bath with some oils. The clay is supposed to help remove toxins from your body. I'll add a little Argan oil for softness and maybe some rosemary (good for circulation and sinus/respiratory issues).

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