Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Foggieton Woods walk with dogs and impolite dog owners

Today we took a walk through Foggieton Woods with the dogs. It was a really nice walk. It can be pretty muddy so wear your wellies or some waterproof walking shoes. In total, we walked about 3.2 miles. I only took Frog today. My dogs have been very naughty together lately. They keep running away or running to bother other people against my verbal warnings and/or treat persuasions! Frog did well on his own today. He did his normal barking in Rocky's (Michelle's lab) face until Frog himself felt he had satisfactorily announced his presence. Then, all was quiet until Michelle was berating Rocky. Frog provided her with back up barking. Foggieton Woods was such a nice walk. It's relatively flat, but there are stumps and rocks along the trail. Here is a link from the Forestry Commission about Foggieton Woods.
Give... Me... Treat

We found a tepee! Pam and Frog were brave enough to go inside!
Oh and read this! As we were taking pictures, this lady came by with her giant golden dog (retriever?) who started playing with Rocky. They ran into Lucy and hurt her knee. The lady said nothing except to continue calling her dog. Then, the dog ran to me sniffing my pockets (I had treats for Frog), and that dog jumped on me! It wouldn't have been a big deal if he was little, but he was taller than me! Again, she didn't say a word. I wasn't hurt, but the polite thing to do would have been to correct her dog and apologize to Lucy and I. Bad dog owner!!

Moving on. I couldn't leave Angel out of a walk, so I took her to Victoria Park this evening after dinner. She had to wear her raincoat because it was cold and rainy! We met some other cute dogs while we were there. Two of them were tiny pugs. I mean, these had to be dwarf pugs. Can dogs be little like people? I mean that seriously. I wonder if there is a syndrome affecting growth that causes them to be little just like little people. These 2 pugs looked like puppies but they were 6 and 8 years old. Curious. Anyway, here is a picture of Angel sniffing around in the Crocus flowers! They are so pretty. It was getting dark by then, but I tried to get a picture anyway.

Spring Cleaning Update
My grandma says that she's gone through a few drawers. She was supposed to hit up her bathroom today. :o)

Here is what I organized today. Well, here are those of which I remembered to take before and after pictures.
Before and After!

That thing was a mess. My mom asked why I needed to do spring cleaning when I've only lived here a few months. Well, stuff spills especially flour. Things need labels. I used a permanent marker to label the tops of my herbs and spices so that I don't have to pick them all up to read the label, which usually results in me knocking over other jars. Sometimes you need to empty storage containers and move in things from bags so bugs don't get them! Spices spill. You toss things around when you are cooking. You know how it is, right? Moreover, I found expired stuff and empty stuff (Steeeeve). :o)
Oops.. and I carried that across the ocean? LOL

Empty boxes go in recycling... not back in the cabinet. You know you've found them too. You get your hopes up expecting to get something. You open the box... and it's EMPTY! DOH!

Before and After!

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