Monday, April 8, 2013

Balmedie Beach and more fish and chips!

It was sleeting when I took the picture!
This weekend we went to the Udny Arms Hotel (TripAdvisor Review) for our monthly fish and chips treat with Pam and Fin and to Balmedie Beach to take a walk with the dogs. The food was really enjoyable at the Udny Arms. I recommend sharing the fish and chips because the fish fillet (pronounced as spelled in Scotland versus pronouncing it in the USA as "fill-ay".. hehe) was HUGE.

 The beach was really nice. The dogs ran all over the place. Angel even got in the water a few times. She always ran away from the waves though. Frog stopped at the edge of the water... he's not daft.
Fin was throwing sticks for them to chase.

As you can see, the dogs had a blast!

We even got to see some bunkers that were built for WWII! Pretty cool.  Pam offered to take some pictures with me in them, but I refused. I had some seriously chapped lips, my hair was a mess, and my face very clearly showed the signs of our 6-hour Kung Fu training week. I try to only preserve my best side in internet eternity.

Just for fun:
Tiny heads of lettuce are really popular here. I find they are quite nice for tacos and sandwiches.
"Lettuce gems"
Just Not Fun:
Some company called "Global One" managed to get an electronic check to them from me for $29.95 from my bank account. It's a SCAM. If this happens to you do not call the number on the check that is shown as a copy on your bank statement. Just call your bank to dispute the charge and get a new account. *Sighs*  I don't even hardly use that account. It seems like every couple of years either Steve or I have to get a new account for something (debit card, credit card..etc,). We only use trusted sites such as Amazon for on-line purchases. People suck! If you are one of those people, and you are reading this right now, I want to tell you that you also suck, and a storm 1000 times my fury will come for you some day!

Anyway, Google this phone number, which was on the check, and you'll find plenty of people who had this experience with the so-called Global One:  8772137803. :(

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