Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Death of a Pet

It's so hard when you lose a pet. I learned tonight that it's even harder for the friend who was their caretaker while you were away. Today, our 10 year old bearded dragon, Athen, took his last breath. It's okay though. He lived a long, healthy life. He was loved by many and well traveled. :o) It's sad that he passed so near the time when I was about to get to see him after being away for a year, but I know our friends took great care of him. They even gave him a funeral, which is amazing. The Trisch's are marvelous friends. Cheers to you, Athen. You were awesome, and even though you were a lizard, not typically cuddly, you were loved.

Farewell little guy. We'll miss you.

Darn.. I held it together so well, until now. I know it seems silly to some people... crying over a lizard, but we had him for so long. The hardest thing is that I haven't seen him in a year, I was looking forward to it during our visit, and now I'll never see him again.


  1. Athen on the dashboard! Such a cute little lizard. I'm sad he's not here anymore :(

  2. All Gods creatures great and small deserve love. He was blessed to have you. Now you will hold him in your heart forever.

  3. It doesn't seem silly at all. Hold a little remembrance for him and take the time to think about him at that point. My family dog died when I wasn't there and that's what I did.


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