Thursday, October 17, 2013

Haggis, PJ's, and Duck Dynasty

I woke up early this morning and made some coffee. I love warm coffee on a cold morning. The smell of roasted beans and the smooth taste of the local blend I bought was just what I needed. Afterward, I took the dogs for a quick walk and then headed to the butcher.

Photo from: Herd's Butcher Facebook Page
I bought my first haggis. I've had it at restaurants, but I've never bought it to cook myself. I asked if it was already somewhat cooked, and the butcher told me that it was. I'm going to make a potato, apple, and haggis tart.
Frozen haggis
This post will probably be a bit random. It's not like we all think about one thing without straying all day, is it? I had another driving lesson today. It went better. I stopped thinking of him as an instructor and tried to just picture him as a friend in my car. That helped. We worked on backing up onto a side street. They are very specific with what they want. You have to check over both shoulders at two points: before you swing the front of the car out and halfway through your curve onto the side street. You cannot be too close or too far from the curb. You cannot hit the curb. You must begin two car lengths from the side street and end 4 car lengths from the major street. Don't forget to keep looking in your mirrors. My instructor suggested that I "drive at the speed of an old woman walking." I had to laugh, but it was great advice.

Just for Fun:
Check out my new pajamas and cute little mouse house shoes. They like animals in Scotland. Lots of things have animals on them.

Oh, and apparently Frogdog likes Duck Dynasty as much as I do. That show cracks me up. They are so funny, and I like that it's good, clean fun. It's not trashy like Honey Boo Boo or some of those other shows. They keep the cursing to a minimum. I also like that they show them praying together at the dinner table at the end of each show. My quote of the day from them:

"In my opinion, you're not a proper woman if you don't have a goat or two." - Miss Kay

Oh, and I used to have a goat. So clearly, I'm a proper woman. I used to take him for walks around town to grind down his hooves. I had a pass from my AG teacher that allowed me to show up late to class so that I could feed my goat the 6 times a day needed to bulk up his muscles (instead of 2 large meals, which isn't as good).  Yep, small town. Told you.


  1. I had goats too! I knew there was a reason we get along so well :)

  2. Yeah.. must be the goats. ;)

  3. I love Duck Dynasty. They do Louisiana proud:)

  4. I can just see you when you were little walking a goat! HA HA

  5. I didn't say anything about being "little".. hehe. I was in high school!

  6. Yeah, Duck Dynasty is a guilty pleasure for Alan and I. We don't watch reality TV....except for those guys. Hilarious.


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