Monday, October 7, 2013

Dim Sum, Archibald Simpson, and..wait, did The Globe close???

This weekend went by so fast! Kung Fu was pretty brutal. Steve and I haven't been on a Saturday for about a month or more. We didn't even bother going home to change afterward; we went straight across the road to The Manchurian. I love dim sum. Their tea is good too.
Funny story. When they guy brought our check and then the card machine, he came to our table to pick up the bill. Then, he walked about 4 feet away to put in the details. He came back for the card. He walked 4 feet away again before coming back to let us enter our PIN. After we did that, he walked a little away from us to let it finish processing. I looked at Steve awkwardly, "Do we smell that bad?"

(Head shake indicating yes)
(Shoulder shrug)

LOL. Anyway, after cleaning up and a nap for me, we headed out with a couple of friends for some drinks. We went to the Archibald Simpson:

Used to be a bank and still looks a bit like it inside.
Then, we stopped by Miro's Bar under Granite Park for one drink. It was too busy to stay any longer. We thought we'd finish the night with one last drink at The Globe, but when we got there, it was closed!!!!  I've done some searches online, and the short summary by search results mentions them closing for refurbishment, but the links don't work so I couldn't read any more about it.

Sunday was a nice easy day. One of the things I really enjoy about living here in the city is that if we don't have food, we can easily walk to the grocery store instead of eating something we shouldn't or spending more than necessary. The walks are nice too, and it only takes us about 7 minutes to get there.
The leaves are piling up in our front garden!

The trees are turning!

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