Thursday, October 3, 2013

Warriors - Judges, Vikings, and the Deadliest Warrior

This morning I met with my Bible study group. We are using Priscilla Shirer's Gideon (Your Weakness; God's Strength) study, and I really like it. I've learned about Judges, who were people called by God and empowered by God to unite the people to stand against the enemy. They were warriors. Learn something new every day! She is such a dynamic speaker and truly has a talent for communication. While we were there, my friend Tekara gave me some flags to bring home for Steve and I. She remembered that we had lived in Minnesota, and while they were at the game in London, they picked us up some of these:
I think I'll frame it and hang it in Steve's "man room" for him. It's really cool that it has the event location and date written at the bottom.... oh, and that they won.

Speaking of Vikings, as I'm writing this, Steve and I are watching Deadliest Warrior. It's a show that compares weapon and fighting techniques of various "warriors" throughout history and then uses a computer algorithm to determine who would win in a battle against each other. It's actually REALLY interesting.  They bring in weapon and fighting specialists who show off the weapons and fighting techniques using dummies, simulated skin/bone/organ dummies, and sometimes pig carcasses to show what would actually happen. You should check it out. They have a couple of seasons on Netflix. Look who they pit against each other:

1 Season 1
  • 1.1 Episode 1: Apache vs. Gladiator
  • 1.2 Episode 2: Viking vs. Samurai
  • 1.3 Episode 3: Spartan vs. Ninja
  • 1.4 Episode 4: Pirate vs. Knight
  • 1.5 Episode 5: Yakuza vs. Mafia
  • 1.6 Episode 6: Green Berets vs. Spetsnaz
  • 1.7 Episode 7: Shaolin Monk vs. Maori Warrior
  • 1.8 Episode 8: William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu
  • 1.9 Episode 9: I.R.A. vs. Taliban

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