Friday, November 22, 2013

Health Food and Vitamin Shops in Aberdeen

Now that I've lived here for a year, I'm starting to learn which shops I really like. I like organic foods, oils, and other products such as lotions, facewash, tea, snack bars, etc., There are two shops that I can recommend. One I shop at frequently, and the other is a recommendation from a friend.

There is Holland and Barrett. They sell all kinds of things from toiletries and oils to food, vitamins, and protein supplements. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They also have a rewards card. There are two locations:

49 Netherkirkgate
City Centre
Aberdeen AB10 1AU
United Kingdom ‎ 

Unit 2, Trinity Centre
155 Union St
City Centre
Aberdeen AB11 6BD
United Kingdom ‎  

Screen shot from their website

The other shop that was recommended by a friend is Nature's Larder. I hear you want to speak with Alan because he is super knowledgeable. I'm going to try to stop by this weekend because my friend, Kristina Pruett, suggested that I speak with Alan about using Nettle leaf tea and nettle root drops to help control my allergies. If you are interested in that, she sent me two links with more information:
Location for Nature's Larder:
60 Holburn St
Aberdeen AB10 6BX

From: Google Maps

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