Monday, November 18, 2013

The Schneiders Go Back To Texas - Picture Slideshow

Tonight is going to be a short post because I'm really busy trying to get back into our routine! Our second week in Texas was spent in the Dallas area. I think we were at a different house every day! We had fajitas with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins (closest ones), and we got to hear Jeremy's new songs. I used one of his songs in my slideshow. We got to eat at Ta Molly's!! I ate two bowls of their salsa. We met up with extended family aunts, uncles, and cousins for that. We had a really good time. We had coffee with Grandma, Grandad, Peggy, and Troy one day (Great stories to follow on tomorrow's post. You won't want to miss this!) where I learned that if "you have never dug a 20 ft well with post hole diggers, well then, you've never lived."

We went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science with Mom, Cace, Cacie, and Chloe. I highly recommend you visit this if you are ever in Dallas. There is parking across the street for $8. You will likely spend 3 hours or more in the museum. It is very hands-on! There are 3D movies that last from about 20 to about 45 minutes depending on what you want to see. Add extra time if you plan to do that. There was a sports room where you could race the projection of different animals on a wall such as a cheetah or a T-rex! You could touch a tornado and experience different earthquake intensities. There was a marvelous gem and mineral collection with a geode so large I could fit inside of it! The Animals Inside Out exhibit by the producers of Body Worlds was also really cool... and really REAL. I have a few pictures in the slide show. I built circuits and programmed robots. I quizzed Steve about the minerals on the wall. He did pretty well! Mom and Chloe created their own prehistoric creatures and then battled them on a simulator. For the finale, we went to Saltgrass Steak House for one AWESOME steak and one last margarita.... or two. :o)

 We drove to Bedford one day for dinner with my Pappaw and family. Then, we drove to see my cousin Patrick, his wife, Christina, and daughter, Journee. The next morning we drove back to Caddo Mills to see my sister's pantomime performance. It was really funny. The last morning, we got up early to have breakfast at Bucky's Cafe with family. Remember me telling you that I was looking forward to that? It was great! Then, it was time to get on the plane and come home.... weird.... home.... Aberdeen. :o)

Enjoy the pictures!

Unfortunately, the video I uploaded to YouTube is not listed in "My Videos" due to new enforcement of copyright laws. If you have music in your videos, Google will scan, identify if possible, and then give partial rights to the owner of the music, who can then decide if how they want the video distributed. LAME. I can give you the link to the slideshow, which can be viewed on any computer (may not work for iPad as they consider this a mobile device that is often more regulated).

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