Thursday, November 21, 2013

Man vs. Llama, Witching for Water, and Digging Wells - Story time

We had coffee one day in Texas with my Grandma and Grandad Nelson at Troy and Peggy's house (let's say uncle and aunt for all intents and purposes). Grandad started telling us about one day when my stepdad, Cace, and he had to go save a baby llama.

"The male in the group was trying to kill him. You know, some llamas will castrate other young males themselves to keep them from breeding with the females. He was trying to kill this one. We got the baby in the back of the truck but he kept a comin. He was chasing the truck attackin us. Cace kicked him, and he had on steel-toed boots!"

Me: "Did it stop him?"

"Noooo. He kept at us. Cace kicked him a few times. Darn thing spit all over him. You wanna talk about stink!? Woooooo! Anyway, then he grabbed a fishin pole. He beat that thing until the darn pole broke in half!"

Me: "Oh my gosh! Did it hurt the llama?"

"Naw. He was seein red at that point. Nothin could stop him. He was after that baby. I kept drivin the truck. Cace had broken the pole so he could only punch the llama to defend himself."

Me: "Holy smokes! Did he hit him hard?"

"Naw! When he'd swing, he'd get nothin but air! (chuckles) Muhammad Ali couldn't hit that llama."

My Grandad

Grandma Nelson and I

Grandad and Steve

Grandad and I at Bucky's Cafe.


I love the way my Grandad tells stories. He is so funny! I could listen to them all day. Anyway, while we were there, Troy started telling us about a guy that can "witch for water." You know, where they use two L-shaped rods, sometimes clothes hangers, to find underground water? He said this guy could estimate depth, width, and direction of flow. Troy said the rods would start to turn in his hands when he was detecting water. People say that only some have the ability to do this. I haven't done any research on it because I've been so busy, but I'm totally intrigued. Right then. I got sidetracked. Once Troy knew where the water was, he started digging a well.

"I got me some post hole diggers and dug a hole right out there. Took me all day, but I found water. I decided to leave it until the next mornin when I could go to the store for materials. I got up the next morning and danged if that thing hadn't blown up on me! The whole darn thing was filled back up to the top. I should've just gone to the store right then, or at least secured the thing. Let me tell ya.. Have you ever dug a 20 foot well with post hole diggers?"

Me: "No"

"Well then, you ain't lived."


I love hanging out with my grandparents and them. We drank coffee and listened to stories around the table. It's so relaxing and fun! When we left Steve said, "Time just stops there." I think that means that he enjoyed himself. :o)  Troy and Grandad enjoyed hearing about Aberdeen. I told them about all of the local shops such as the butcher, fishmonger, and cheesemonger and the kinds of things they sell. Troy said, "Well damn. I live on the wrong side of the world!" Grandad told him to get on a plane, but Troy says he doesn't get on anything that leaves the ground. Grandad told him to prop one of his trucks up on some floaters. HAHA. They are so funny together.

Oh, and Grandad also showed me some animal tracks. I like stuff like that.


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  1. Story time with the grandparents is always fun! Alan's family has a history of well-witching. Both of his grandfathers dabbled, and had friends that were serious witchers. We went to visit Alan's Grandpa Jack one day and he pulled out the rods and taught me how to use them. He told me to think about an object (we chose Alan, haha) and really visualize what I was looking for, then walk around until I found it. Darned if those rods didn't cross over Alan's head. It was the weirdest thing.


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