Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dog Kennels near Aberdeen, Scotland

Whenever Steve and I go on holiday, we typically take the dogs to Cairnview Boarding Kennels & Cattery (link here). They were about £28/day for two dogs. They keep them in a large kennel with a circle bed and mattress inside. I've never really had any issues with them, except that they use Baker's dog food, which is crap. My dogs have the WORST gas for the next couple of days when I bring them home. They also always need a bath. The stink! I've always taken them there though because the owner is nice, it's the closest location, and my dogs seem happy.  Also, I can drop them off and pick them up at any time.

However, I was talking to some friends who take their dogs to Moorie Kennels (link here). They told me that the owners are fantastic, and that they make their own dog food. They've been training working dogs for years and developed their own food that my friends now buy for their dogs. It's a 15kg bag for  only £15! Also, I was told that the kennel staff bathe the dogs before you pick them up and spray them with smelly-good stuff! My friend told me that she pays less than what they charge at Cairnview as well. The only "catch" is that it's a bit further to drive, and they have specific drop-off/pick-up times. Cairnview is already a 45 minute drive!


  1. The new one sounds worth the drive!!

  2. We are giving it a try!


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