Thursday, May 1, 2014

Visiting Oslo, Norway and my sisters' visits

Short post tonight, because mostly I want to hear from you. Steve and I are going to visit Oslo for a weekend. I'll be arriving on a Friday night, and we will be returning home on Sunday. Given the short amount of time, what would you put as a "must" to see, eat, and/or do there? Any suggestions?

In other news, my sister, Cacie, is coming for a 2-week visit in June. I'm very excited to see her! She has just turned 16, and I just know that we will have a terrific time! My sisters usually spend 2 weeks every summer with Steve and I. Unfortunately, this summer my parents won't be coming so Cacie will be traveling alone, which means that Chloe cannot come because she is not old enough. Here are some pictures from past summers when they visited. We always do such fun and different things!

The art museum

A luau and ice cream!

Tea party!

The beach!

The zoo!

A rugby game
Trying new foods!
Highland cows!

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