Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aberdeen City - Food, Flowers, Whiskey Tasting, and Other Sites

When my aunt and uncle came for a visit, we spent some time just seeing Aberdeen. Here we are in front of our house!

We HAD to go to the baker on Church Street (Open from 21:00 - 18:00 the next day.. yep) They have terrific fried pies!

I like the lasagna one best. Steve likes the cheeseburger pasty!
We spent one morning going to Herd's Butcher for some sausage, bacon, eggs, and black pudding!

Me frying the black pudding for breakfast. So yummy!
Loved walking around downtown! Lisa kept saying, "Everything is so gray!" I told her, "Yeah, people always say that you can't tell where the buildings end and the sky begins. I like the gray."


Jim, me, and Steve in front of Marischal College.
For dinner one night, we took them to the Albyn. They have excellent haggis. At least they did. They took it off the menu! Fortunately, they had fried haggis and fried black pudding balls, which were really good, and Chicken Rob Roy (Chicken stuffed with haggis).

Coconut chicken

Pan fried sea bass

Chicken Rob Roy

Chicken with truffle cream sauce
After dinner, we took Jim and Lisa to The Grill where you can find the largest whiskey selection in Aberdeen. It's also one of the oldest pubs and has the longest match striking strip (I'm not sure of it's proper name) running along the side of the bar.

You can have a whiskey tasting of 4 different types called the tour of the regions. 
Our last stop was Seaton Park. At the top of the hill in Seaton Park there is a garden. It's like the secret garden! It's walled in and has lots of lovely flowers! It's just beautiful at this time of year. There is free parking at Seaton Park that can be found via Don Street when traveling on King Street from the City Centre toward the Bridge of Don.

Starting to rain...
Starting to pour...
We weren't deterred. We carried on to Brig O Balgownie, the oldest bridge in Aberdeen. It crosses the River Don.

Thanks to Lisa for some of her pictures, and for a great time! We really had fun. :o)


  1. It's fun being a tourist in your own town. I think part of the charm of visiting friends/family in a different country is just seeing what day-to-day life is like rather than checking off all the must-see sights. Aberdeen is a hidden gem!

  2. Kristal SchneiderJune 3, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    It is fun, and you are right, Aberdeen is a hidden gem!


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