Monday, May 5, 2014

Tekara's Teddy Bear Baby Shower

This past weekend my friend Tanya and I gave our friend Tekara a baby shower! This was our first time to host an event like that, and neither of us will be first to claim that we are the next Martha Stewart. However, thanks to ideas from other showers, blogs, and Pinterest, we had lots of ideas! Tekara loves teddy bears so we used that as the theme.

Teddy bear macarons: We picked up macarons from our favorite spot. We used lolly pop sticks, chocolate fondant, and a little white icing to make these!

Tanya did some online research to learn how to make the pom-poms. We bought the flags and rope, but printed and cut out everything else.

Veggie cups were filled with cut veggies and had either hummus or ranch dressing in the bottom.

We used a brownie muffin recipe, cinnamon teddy bears, and mini marshmallows to make the baby bassinets below.

Tekara came a bit early and had a Mom-osa. We made these with Tropicana's Mango Orange juice and Ginger Ale. You can also use orange juice and mango pulp if you can't find the juice.
We used foam to make the ears and nose on the teddy bear paper globes. Then we just taped them on with double-sided tape.

Funny things for Tekara and Chris to read when they are up changing diapers!

The ladies guessing the date/time of birth and giving advice to the mommy.

Baby ABC game.

Relaxing after the shower... hehe. That was the baby for the diaper changing (blindfolded) game. Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn't get to do it. 

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