Monday, May 26, 2014

The Heineken Experience and Greek/Spanish Tapas - Amsterdam

Here are pictures from the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. Get your tickets from a tourist desk to skip the lines and get an extra beer. Beware the free gift. It's a tiny Heineken glass, so it's cute, but you have about a 20 minute walk to the Heineken store away from the Experience to get your glass. The good news is that there are many restaurants and pubs in that area so if you plan it just right, you'll have a spot for dinner. :o) This really is an experience. It's something you can do if you have kids because there are lots of games. I particularly like the area where you walk across the floor and can kick around the stuff projected onto the floor. hehe.

You don't actually see the brewing process. You just get to check out a mock brewery.

At the tasting. That glass is the size of your free glass that you get.

Yes, there is a "ride" here. You stand on a moving platform and watch a video. There are some surprises! It's cheesy but fun. Great if you are going as a family.

Want to stop for some PS3? Yep... they've got it.

For dinner we went to Oresti's. The food was FANTASTIC. The staff were so friendly, and the owner was so nice! He made sure I had a taste of ouzo before leaving.

Blue cheese fondue with chips and bread for dipping! Yum!

Fish egg salad and octopus. That fish egg salad was really yummy! Steve didn't want to order it, but then he ate half of it after tasting!

Just for fun:

My aunt Lisa took these pictures to recreate this event. When we first got our tram tickets, we weren't quite sure when and where to swipe the cards. At the stops in the suburbs, there were two card swipe machines that we, of course, couldn't read. Steve, Lisa, and I got lucky. We all swiped ourselves in using the correct reader. Jim used a different one. I think it was the one that just gives your balance. Anyway, Steve, Lisa, and I went to a worker and were asking for directions. He pulled out a map to explain. Meanwhile, unnoticed by the rest of us, Jim was stuck behind the gates waving his arms and yelling to get our attention! He couldn't get out because technically he never checked in to the tram! LOL.

Steve said, "Uh.." and pointed. We ran to help and couldn't stop laughing. I said, "Steve, you could have told us he was stuck!" Steve said, "Uh.. I tried." We said, "What happened?" and Steve responds, "His thing wouldn't work," which immediately sent us into more hysterical laughter. We are so mature.

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