Monday, May 19, 2014

Free Museum in Aberdeen - The Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Okay, so maybe the Aberdeen Maritime Museum doesn't sound very thrilling to you, but let me tell you, it was great and FREE! I really enjoyed it. The top floor explains Aberdeen's harbor development over time and oil exploration. I learned so much. Of course, it helped that I had my own personal geophysicist to explain things. :o) Thanks Aunt Lisa for some of the photos!

Uncle Jim, Aunt Lisa, and me!

Steve saw this and said, "This looks like my data." Then he explained it all to me. Thank goodness for Steve because those little paragraphs to the side didn't help at all! 

Steve is now explaining it to Jim and Lisa. How great!

Look! They mention the Association of American Women (AWA)! So cool.

I got to drive the little rover!

I had to photobomb Jim's picture... hehe.. see me?

In summary, there is plenty to see, several hands-on activities, lots to read, and lots of videos to watch that explain things more in depth if you want more. They have a cafe on the ground floor so you can have a coffee or grab a bite to eat while you are there. There is also a spot to donate money. I strongly recommend donating something so the museum can continue to operate.

I think it's easiest to park at the Union Square Mall if you are going to drive. Otherwise, you can take a bus and have it drop you off near or at Market Street where you have a short walk to the museum.

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