Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Amsterdam - Sleeping, Transportation, Canal Tour, and the Anne Frank Museum

Amsterdam was an interesting place. Here are some tips and previews for you (Thanks again to my Aunt Lisa for some of the photos):

From the airport, we took a bus (199) to our stop for the house. We bought our ticket from the bus driver, who has change if you need it. It was €5 for the trip. For the rest of our stay, we bought 3-day transportation passes for €16.50 each that were good on GVB buses, trams, and trains (this did NOT include any transport to the airport - FYI).

 We found our place to stay on AirBnB. Look early because many of the places in the city book quickly. We ended up staying pretty far away. It was a 30-40 minute tram ride to get downtown. :(

It had VERY steep stairs!

This was our room. Steve and I pushed the beds together.

Back down the scary stairs...
One day we took a tour of the canals (they pronounce it in the way Americans would say "camel".. that kind of annunciation.. hehe). We used a tourist desk to book the tickets, and it only cost us €10 each for one hour. I really enjoyed it. It was the boat with the word "Love" on it.

Largest floating Chinese restaurant.

 I didn't realize just how many canals there are in Amsterdam!
 I also didn't realize that they claim they are famous for french fries (chips), which you can cover in any of about 15 different sauces.

We ordered the small size. What is the large????

Coffee and a cheese stand??? Heaven.

 The Anne Frank Museum

See the pictures below? That is the queue (line) for the museum. ORDER YOUR TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME ONLINE. That's what we did. Give yourself 3-4 weeks ahead of when you plan to visit. Tickets on-line were €9.50 each. I think it was worth it. Pictures weren't allowed inside, which is fine because I wouldn't want to ruin it for you.

 Near the Anne Frank house, you'll find a cozy place called bistro Bij ons. It's a really good Dutch restaurant!
*Note - Many places charge you for water so either order something else and share a water to save money or bring your own bottle. They won't give you tap water.

Just for fun:
I thought the sign on the right side of this restaurant was so funny! Maybe it's just me...

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