Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dogs, The Archibald Simpson, and Seaton Park - A cozy spot to read, play, BBQ, or simply walk

I love dogs. I know that I post many pictures of them, but it's just so great to see them getting to enjoy this experience as much as we enjoy it. Running and playing in parks in Texas just wasn't possible very often due to the heat. Here, the dogs have been enjoying their walks at the park, and as they become better behaved and more trusting of other dogs, I am enjoying it more as well. Here are a few pictures of them playing with other dogs at Victoria Park. I love that they have the opportunity to be around so many other dogs here.

Moving on. We explored Seaton Park today with some friends. It's a very nice park overlooked by Saint Machar's Cathedral (shown here). There is free parking, and there are many options to meet your purposes for a visit. You can bring your dogs to play or walk the paths. You can walk the paths through the trees to the walled gardens. The granite walls separate the gardens from the rest of the park creating a peaceful place of solitude. Grab a bench or a spot on the grass. If you prefer the rivers, there is path that follows the River Don all the way to the North Sea. If you fancy a spot to BBQ and relax, this is where you go to do it, alongside the river. If you follow the path that runs along the River Don you will eventually find yourself on one of the oldest bridges in Scotland, Brig O Balgownie. It was completed in 1320. At the bridge there is a staircase that takes you to a path leading to the North Sea. We didn't go that way today, but maybe some other time we will.

Just for fun:
Want another good pub to visit? The Archibald Simpson in Aberdeen has a very large drink and food menu. The venue is large, so there is lots of space. You can hang out near the bar and TV's or head to the back where it's a little quieter. There are several types of beer to choose from and a section of "World Beers" that includes Birra moretti, Erdinger, Efes, Peroni, Straropramen, Desperados, and Sol. They also have cider, spirits, cocktails, wine, coffee, and sodas. They serve food until 10 PM, which is hard to find around Aberdeen!

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