Friday, May 24, 2013

The Erlangen Bergkirchweih - Day 3 - Storms and Zombie People - How Pickle got into his room revealed!

6AM flight coming our way. We decided to be responsible adults. We didn't drink any beer, nor did we stay out late. It was sodas and water for us! We still met the group for lunch, but of course that was short lived due to the storms that blew in forcing us to all huddle under umbrellas and concession awnings. Our plate of pork flank quickly filled with water. It was a greasy, soggy napkin mess. Yuck. How would you have liked a picture of that? Okay, well it's not close, but it IS on the bottom left of those next two pictures. haha

Oh have fun with this. While I was standing under the beer stand awning, an old man came running for cover. He reeked of marijuana. Sorry if this makes anybody uncomfortable, but it is what it is. I just tell it how it is. Anyway, he started talking to me.

"Ich verstehe nicht" (I don't understand)

"Oh. Where you from?"

"Texas." At that, he began singing some song that I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to know, but being that I'm me, I didn't and simply played along. He then proceeded to speak in German while making hand signals around his face. Maybe he was saying something about my face? The song embarrassed me? I seemed confused? I have no idea. Then, two young men ran over and said something to him. He turned to me and said, "Ah! This is my son ^%$%&((^%" His son looked at me surprised, and I looked back at him. "Hello." Awkward.... At that, his son beckoned him away. Never a dull moment there. The storm lasted about 20-30 minutes. We were all soaked, cold, and had legs and feet covered in dirt that was kicked up by the rain drops hitting the earth. Steve suggested that we go back to the room to change. Once accomplished, we decided that we didn't care to go back. Instead, we explored the city. It was amazing that even down town, people were drinking, partying, and stumbling all over the place. Still, it was a neat little town.
We ate Turkish food and then made our way back to the edge of the fair to enjoy a Nutella and banana crepe! Oh man. It was so good!
While eating, the show continued. Three men stumbled to the food stand next door. They walked like zombies dragging limbs and staring blankly. One guy, after getting his food, simply watched in awe as his hand turned his plate and dropped it upside-down onto the ground. Then, he just stared at it as if it were going to leap back into his hand. His friend, oh he was classy. I watched this guy, who was eating his burger, start to lean. I immediately thought of that game I used to play as a child on the bed or trampoline where one of us would fall stiffly to the ground yelling, "TIMBER!" Yeah, he did that. He took out a picnic table and two benches. I should have yelled it. I really should have. I think I was just in too much shock at the punishment he was enduring to "have fun." Afterwards, he stood up and began walking in our direction. His knees started to bend while he was walking (burger still in hand). His right leg was giving out more than the left so that he began to lean while still walking. I said to Steve, "Heads up! Heads up!" but before he reached Steve, the drunk crashed into the dividers between stands and tumbled over the trash bins. All of the guys working in the stand yelled, "HEEEEYYYY!!!" Good grief.

Steve and I went back to the hotel. We stayed there the rest of the night and went to sleep early. We got up at 3 AM. As I was getting dressed, Steve went to check out. He came back laughing.

"So, I was talking to the guy who works the front desk at night."


"Yeah. He said, 'You know your friend.. the coo?' 'Who?' 'The coo... the coo.' 'Oh, the cow! Yeah?' 'Yeah, the cow. He fell asleep in the lobby the other night. I could no wake him. I tried. So I carry him to his room and put him in bed.' HAHAHAH"

"Oh man. That's fantastic!" I laughed.

And now you know how Pickle got into his room. He was tucked in by a big German man. HAHAHA. You know you are laughing. But wait, it doesn't end there. We walked out with our luggage at 4 AM, and there was Pickle and some of the other group! At 4 AM!! You know they weren't going to feel good on that flight later.

"So Pickle, I hear you were carried to your room that night when you couldn't remember how you got there."

"How the hell do you know that? I was just told!"

"I know everything."

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