Monday, May 13, 2013

Monthly fish and chips visit and our anniversary celebration!

So, another difference between the UK and the USA that I learned today: In the UK, the expiration date IS the expiration date. There is no 7-day rule for milk. I opened my milk today expecting to use it since it had expired only 2 days ago, and it was sour and clumped. Yum! Anyway, moving on.

This weekend, Steve and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. We went to Cafe Boheme for dinner. Steve ordered duck, and I ordered lamb shank. It was really good, except for the wine incident. The server had just filled Steve's glass and was putting the bottle into the cooler. He knocked over Steve's glass of wine. I had to jump to avoid getting wet! All the server did was refill his glass with our bottle. We weren't compensated in any way for the full glass of wine that kid spilled. Steve said, "Well, there goes £6 onto the floor. We didn't feel like it was worth the fight since we were celebrating and trying to have a good time. We decided it was probably best to not have that extra glass of wine anyway.
Afterwards, we went to the theatre to see Iron Man 3 with some friends. It was a really good movie. A plus was that now the Union Square theatre allows you to take your drinks from the bar into the theatre! After the movie, we went to The Globe where there was a band playing. We saw some young girls there acting really dumb. They were daring each other to do things. One acted like a mime in a box in the middle of the bar. One was dared to talk to some guys and was eventually rescued by her friend, the wingman. One girl was doing something at an empty table with some leftover wine glasses. She slammed them down on the table while yelling "yeah!" breaking one and cutting her finger. Not smart. She could have really hurt herself.

The bars here close at 1:00 AM, so we went to a casino for one last drink. Well, I had water. I was thirsty, and then I was hungry. So on the way home we stopped at a chipper to get me some cheese and chips! I know it's bad for me, but every now and then is okay. It was FANTASTIC. While we were in the chipper, a guy stumbled in the door and asked Steve, "Whatre youuuu.... gonna dooo... at tha endofthwa world?" Steve wisely chose to pretend he wasn't there. The guy behind the man wasn't so wise. There is never a dull moment in Aberdeen after 11 PM.

On Sunday we went for our monthly fish and chips with Pam and Fin. For this trip, we went to Hornblowers Fish and Chip Restaurant in Gourdon. The restaurant overlooks the harbor. You can choose a regular or lighter portion if fish and chips. There is beer, cider, and wine if you want an alcoholic beverage. They also serve a variety of fizzy drinks and milkshakes. For desert your choices include cheesecake, apple pie, sticky toffee pudding, and Mackie's ice cream amongst others. It's a great little place, and you can take a walk around the harbor after eating. We got to see the crab catch for the week while we were there!
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