Friday, May 24, 2013

Spoiled dogs, gaining hours of light in Aberdeen, and ironing water

I organized my first AWA happy hour today. It went really well. We had 20 people show up at O'Neill's Pub. Then, we found out the dishwasher was broken so they decided to shut down the kitchen. This led to a mass exodus. We had a couple of good hours though. Lucky for me, I ordered food as soon as I got there.

I think my dogs really missed us while we were in Germany. They have been more attached than usual. I even let them sleep in my bed last night. I woke up this morning, and Angel had her head on my pillow and one leg across another pillow in front of her. She was sleeping exactly like me (I sleep with a pillow in front of me to put my arm across)! It was really cute. They like pillows.

We are still gaining hours of daylight. Remember the last picture I posted that was at 8:40 PM? I took this one at 9:40 PM today. For those of us who aren't accustomed to living so far up in the latitudes, this is very amusing. :o)

Just for fun:
When I was buying laundry detergent, I saw something next to it that said 'Ironing Water,' and I thought, 'Why do I need that? I can just use tap water.' I have now discovered why ironing water is useful.

  1. Starch is needed pretty often for Steve's work clothes since clothes are hanged out to dry or tumbled in the condenser dryer, which doesn't really get out the wrinkles. This stuff makes ironing easier, thus, less starch is needed.
  2. After hanging outside all day, the clothes smell very strongly like... well.. outside. Sometimes it smells good, but sometimes you don't want to smell like your garden.
So, there you have it. Use ironing water if you so desire. I mix it half and half with water. I don't even really need starch anymore. That stuff was getting expensive.

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