Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goals to reduce chemicals. Goals met in April and goals set in May!

So, I wanted to take a minute to post about some of the changes I've been pursuing. My goals. I'm using the no shampoo method every other hair washing. I have noticed that my hair is slightly more oily, but I've also noticed it styles easier than usual! My skin feels and looks healthy using the extra virgin olive oil at night (alternating with the night cream I have left) and Argan oil as a daily moisturizer (also alternating with the moisturizer I have left). My face doesn't feel oily during the day or when I wake in the morning. I use a couple of drops in my hand mixed with a splash of water.

In April, I managed to read while eating breakfast and lunch. I think I had more productive days than when I ate in front of the TV. I didn't spend as long eating. I think I'll continue the practice. What did I read?

Chaucer has some great stories. Gone Girl was super good, and I typically don't like mysteries. Those Zom-B books were really good as well. I've never read a zombie book until now. Fun!

For May, my goal is to do at least 100 sit-ups/crunches/seconds of planks at least 6 days a week. Seems simple enough, right? I can do that watching TV, in the morning, or just before bed. It only takes a few minutes. I may need to put up some sticky note reminders...  How about you? What goal would you like to set for May? Remember that goals should be feasible. They should not be unrealistic, but should be attainable. Don't do anything extremely far from what your "norm" is. Work your way up to higher levels than normal. If you don't feel successful, you will quickly give up on your goal. So what will you do in May? Let me know by posting in my comments. I'm always looking for new ideas for myself as well! Maybe you will:

  • Park at the back of the parking lot this month
  • Do 10 sit-ups during each commercial break while watching TV
  • Remember to take those reusable bags into the grocery store
  • Eat at the dinner table as a family _____ day(s) per week
  • Walk a lap around the block each day
  • Have a date night with your spouse each week
  • Plan a family game night each week
  • Learn to cook something new one day each week
  • Grow an herb garden
Your options are limitless!

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  1. Love the goals list! May need to try a few myself!


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