Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Himalayan Salt Lamp

My friend, Kristi, arrives in less than a week now. I'm very excited to show her around Scotland. I hope the weather is nice for at least a few days! It was nice today. Not as warm as I would have liked, but still nice most of the day. I was looking at the guest room and noticed that we don't have a lamp in there. I have been looking on-line for weeks trying to decide what kind of lamp I want in that room. I stared at what was in there: white iron bed... blues and reds... rocks and shells... and then I stumbled upon this item randomly as a "Suggestion" on Amazon:

It's a Himalayan salt lamp! How cool is that? It matches what is in the room, and since Steve is a geologist and me an avid rock collector, I thought it was fitting! People say that it has therapeutic properties as well. Who knows? Maybe it does. If Kristi wakes up feeling good and smiling every morning... Is it the lamp... or Scotland?

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