Friday, May 10, 2013

My Dog Gives Good Advice

My dog has a good idea. She's found the warm spot in the house, the spot in front of the dryer. I started thinking about a few things as I looked at this picture. I thought, 'How simple was her decision? She was cold. She was uncomfortable. Instead of suffering through it, she went somewhere warm.' I thought about experiences. My experiences and how we react. Some from others. A bit of both. Angel has the right idea. Go to places that are warm. I think that works in so many areas of life literally and metaphorically. Just as you would not willingly sit in the freezing cold or scorching sun with no protection...just as you wouldn't willingly allow your body to be abused, so should you not allow your heart and mind to suffer the same. Surround yourself in warmth. 

Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. Things just kept going wrong, and I was really down. I guess we all have those days when frustrations keep piling. I thought about just sitting on the couch in front of the tele for the rest of the evening. Instead, I forced myself to leave the house. I walked to places I enjoy. I ran some errands, and despite all of my emotions screaming at me to fold under their weight, I got on my bicycle headed toward Kung Fu training for the night. Man it was hard to keep keep surrounding myself with...well anything except loneliness. After training, I kept moving. I was afraid to be still. Have you ever felt that way? Like you just don't want to be alone with your thoughts because they might take over you? So, I took Angel to the park. We ran and played together. When I got home, Steve hugged me and told me, 'Everything will be okay.' I was on the road back to my happier self, and after a conversation with God, I found her again. 

Today I played Mah-Jong, ran some errands, and then had coffee with my neighbor. She has had such an interesting life. Sitting with her chatting over coffee was like hanging out with my own grandparents. It was nice.

So I'll say it again. Surround yourself in warmth: God. Peaceful people. Loving people. Happy places. Cozy spaces. And don't forget your loyal, slobbering, furry companions that will always be there to lick your faces.

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  1. Sorry for the rough day! Glad things were better today!


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