Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cleaning....boooo... and I need Cesar Millan

I spent all day cleaning my house. How do walls and doors get so dirty? It's like people have spilled stuff all over them. How does that happen, especially to closet doors? I scrubbed walls and doors half of the morning! Now, I can't stop looking at my doors and walls. I also scrubbed all of the base boards. I'm tired. On another note, Bona brand wood floor cleaner is fantastic. FYI.

After a full day of cleaning, I had to leave my house so potential buyers could look at it. I sprayed air freshener all over. It's Paula Deen's brand, and guess what, even her smell good stuff is fried. The scent is "fried apple pie". HAHAHA. I find that very amusing.  Anyway, when I left, I took the dogs because it was a re-show, and I didn't want the dogs barking at them the entire time again.

So what do you do for an hour and a half with 2 dogs in Texas? Well, I used my Starbucks gift card to get a pumpkin spice latte (2% milk), and then I sat in the Target parking lot talking to friends on my cell while enjoying the yummy. When I finished my coffee, I took the dogs to Oyster Creek Park. Definitely need to work more on socializing them! They went crazy every time a dog passed. I'm going to take them one at a time to the park every day until we leave. Hopefully this will help to cure the unwanted behavior. Frog hones in on every dog, begins running toward them, and then starts barking...interminably.  Then, Angel starts making gremlin noises while jumping on Frog and biting at his face. It's almost like she's telling him to shut up. She does flips and runs around me like a tether ball on a pole. It's annoying. Guess all those walks in the neighborhood didn't prepare her for walks in a busier park. Where is Cesar Millan?

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  1. That's so weird... Lacey does the same thing to Locke when he barks at the neighbor dogs behind the fence. Silly girls :)


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