Friday, October 12, 2012

The worst thing about business class travel

We have made it back to Houston. Stupid humidity. My glasses kept sliding down my nose! The flight back was easy. No issues in security or customs. Here's how this goes folks (this is my brain after being awake for over 22 hours with a couple of short naps... sorry?):

 We woke up at 3:30 AM. Who disturbs my slumber!? "It is I... your hotel tele." Boooo. We checked out, hopped in a taxi, and went through the Aberdeen airport easily. I didn't even have to take off my shoes. We sat in the KML Crown lounge. They have free food and drinks of all kinds. I napped while Steve snacked. Then, we got in line to get on the plane. We walked down a long corridor, passed a worker in his yellow vest, and walked out into the dark across the pavement. We had to haul our carry-on luggage up lots of steps to board the plane. I was asking Steve, "I wonder how they get disabled people on here?" I looked out of the window, and there was my answer. They bring them out in a wheelchair and then put them in a smaller, thinner, wheelchair. Then, 2-3 people carry them step-by-step until they reach the cabin door. A little girl in pink sweats with blonde hair was holding her doll and waiting patiently at the bottom of the steps as they moved who I guessed was her dad up and up and up. I was amazed at the patience of that 7-year old girl.

On the plane, they gave us some shaved meat, cheese, and yogurt for breakfast. 1 hr and 20 minutes later we were in Amsterdam. We had to go through security AGAIN. This time was not so easy. Everything out and in the bins. Walk through the metal detector. Spread arms and legs. They do a complete pat-down on everybody. They even feel under your bra and between "the girls" like they are trying to saw them apart. Then they pull the waist of your pants away from your body and run their fingers all around the inner edge of your pants. I watched another woman traveling with a toddler go through the same thing, but a worker had to hold the toddler while he screamed as if he was being tortured throughout the entire pat-down. Guess mine wasn't so bad. FUN.

Luckily, my big cozy seat, tons of leg room, care package with slippers, and the tray of cheese and champagne that greeted me on the plane made it all better. I was asleep in about 10 minutes. The flight was 9.5 hrs long. I watched 4 movies! All in all, not too bad. :)

In summary, I have discovered the worst thing about traveling business class on the company's dime: As Steve so eloquently put it, "The worst thing about traveling in business class, is that you never want to travel in economy again."

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