Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bed frames and tables and chairs... oh my!

Well, I think we are finally recovering from the jet-lag. We are so busy. We didn't even get a break after getting home from the airport. We immediately had to deal with messages left for us and other business such as the pet relocation. Forms had to be signed, vet records found, and microchip numbers recorded. My friend Randi is going to keep the dogs for us when we leave until the relocation company can pick them up, and Erica is keeping Athen (the bearded dragon) while we are in Scotland. Thankfully that is all worked out now. We have fantastic friends.

Yesterday, we rented a U-Haul truck so that we could go to IKEA to pick up some furniture for the house in Aberdeen. I drove the big truck! I think it's fun.

Here are some things we picked up at IKEA. We got a new table because the one we have in our house now is a dark wood table, which doesn't really go with the new house/kitchen. Steve picked out the table and chairs. I think he did really well.

This is the table, but we got it with the gray chairs instead of the ones in the picture.

We needed some sitting chairs for the dining room, which we are not using as a dining room.

The daybed pulls out into a queen sized bed. We are planning ahead for visitors! :o)

I always wanted one of these! It was on sale.
We are going to pick this up from Pottery Barn for the lounge.

I can't wait to decorate everything! I'm so excited. I'm really not looking forward to putting it all together, but eh, such is the nature of IKEA.

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