Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rental car and Kung Fu

The rental car has been obtained. I asked for the smallest SUV they have, something standard. They gave me a Chevy Equinox. It's a nice vehicle. It has lots of buttons, a backup camera, a touch screen, and remote start. Pretty cool. We went to Kung Fu tonight. I'm really going to miss Master Chu. I've enjoyed Wing Chun so much! I hope that I can find some place in Aberdeen to train. If not, I guess it's up to Steve and I to keep practicing. Think I'll ever be as good as Grandmaster IP Man? :o)

They made a great movie about him. You should look it up. Both 1 and 2 are AMAZING. IP Man is the title.

I think my checklist for tomorrow will be to get the dog crates and pack up some of the things that I want to pack myself, such as my china. I also think, I've very tired. I know this is a blog about moving to Aberdeen, but I just don't have much else right now other than what I will miss and what I hope to find.

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