Saturday, October 6, 2012

A walk down Union Street

After breakfast today, Steve went to work and I went out for a walk. I walked down Union Street, which is the main street in Aberdeen. The first thing I noticed was Starbucks. "Great.. they're everywhere." The street was lined with flags zig-zagging across the top. I came across a park that was below street level. I walked around from the top to check things out. In Houston, parks below street level are places for hoodlums to hang out and mug you! This park turned out to be pretty nice, but there were many teenagers hanging out down there so I left soon. Apparently kids get to walk about for lunch here.

A little further down the street I saw a gray wall with a large stone doorway that towered about 20 feet in the air. People were sitting inside the enclosed walls on benches so I walked in to see what was there. "Oh.. this is not a park... it's a cemetery." Everything was very old. Large above-ground graves were covered in moss and leaning to one side. A cobblestone path wove through large trees and broken headstones. The first gravestone I read was of a 28 year old woman. Creepy. A little further down and to my right, crows were cawing and hopping on gravestones. To the left a statue on a gravestone was missing a head. Yep, time to go. You can see a picture here.

After that I walked to a town square where locals were selling fish. I also saw a butcher shop and the docks (although they were still about half a mile away). I asked some of Steve's coworkers about the fish market. They told me typically they aren't sold there, but instead are sold at an indoor market. Another one of his coworkers told me that there is also a local cheese shop. So when I go grocery shopping, I'll be stopping at the butcher, fish market, and cheese shop! Mmmmm... freshness. I can't wait.

Later, we went to the Dutch Mill for happy hour with Steve's coworkers. They were all very nice. The Dutch Mill had a great atmosphere, good food (for pub grub), and wasn't a far walk from Union Street (about 15 minutes).

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