Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Danger right!"

Well, we have arrived in Aberdeen. The airport here is like flying into Love Field back home.  We saw the coastline as we flew into Scotland. It had high cliffs with agriculture fields plowed right to the edge! There were lots of sheep too. It's about 50 degrees F. It feels fantastic! Clear day. Not humid. Most buildings in town are gray and granite.

I'm so glad we decided against renting a car because I was trying to guess which way the taxi driver would take the car in certain confusing (for an American) situations, and I was often wrong! For those of you who don't know, they drive on the left side, and they have a bunch of lane types that we don't commonly use. White lines were going all over the place... I'll never pass this driving test. However, I kept thinking about something Brain Fairchild told me, "Danger right!" haha. He said, "Just say it out loud every time you come to an intersection."

Back to what I was writing... we got into a cab, and the driver was so friendly! Although, I had to guess at about 1/4th of what he was saying... I bet he thought we sounded funny, and I'm pretty sure he had the same problem based on some delayed responses from him. Aside from the accents, there are differences in lingo. I've already learned that we say "Air conditioning" and they say "air coolant." He said houses don't really have it and many cars don't either.

We are currently sitting in the hotel bar drinking coffee. We can't check in for another hour. I am so tired, and I don't think Steve even knows where he is. It's almost noon here. No pictures yet because, well, who wants to see the hotel bar? Maybe there will be a good view from our room. I'll update if so. Cheers.

Here are pictures taken looking out the window from our room in Town Centre. You can see the North Sea in the background!

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