Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1 day of house hunting

Guess what? The guy called back again to ask if I've considered his offer of $10,500 for my car. I told him, "No, I haven't because I'll be $5000 in the hole, and I can't afford that." He doesn't seem to understand, or maybe he thinks I'm lying to try to get my price.

Update on the house hunting. I've learned that we now have 1 day of house hunting due to the low availability of housing in Aberdeen; our pets didn't help with that availability (I tell them every day that they are lucky they are so darn cute). Man I sure hope the few we get to choose from are not super inconvenient in ways such as being really far from anything or being up on the third floor, which will be a pain in the rear with 2 dogs. Pray for us! I also do not like stairs, especially in places that get snow. We are not good friends. I've already fallen down the stairs here in my own house. I slipped on a book that was left on them. My feet flew up and my tail bone slammed onto the step with a thud! My right arm held my glass of wine high above my head, and I somehow managed to only spill a few drops. Of course, those few drops cost me time cleaning the stairs with the steam cleaner. You win some; you lose some.

I was pretty productive today. There's a lot that goes into planning this. Our house hunting trip is coming up as well. Today's "Checks":

  • Scheduled boarding for dogs
  • Scheduled an electrician to fix things at house
  • Scheduled dinner with friends who are keeping the lizard while we are gone
  • Scanned passport and immunization records for visa
  • Called to get a quote on trimming trees in the yard, per the agent's request
  • Rescheduled doctor's appointment that was missed due to preparing house for market in a 4 day time period
  • Dropped off donations at Goodwill (we had about 6 bags after cleaning our closets and room)
  • Bought some warm clothes to wear on trip
  • Paid bills
  • Went to bank
  • Replaced light bulb outside of garage
  • Used screwdriver to pop open door to gas tank because it got stuck (temporary moment of panic b/c my tank was empty), but it was a temporary stick...fluke I guess.
  • Went to Kung Fu
  • Cooked dinner

I got so much more done than when I was working all day! Oh and get this; my grandma told me today that there is a Scotland quilt expo in Stafford this month. She wants to go. How cool is that and what a coincidence?

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