Monday, February 24, 2014

Another side of Scotland - The Dunes

I've made many posts about Forvie Nature Reserve, and I feel like every time I go there, it looks different. It's such an interesting habitat. You almost forget you are in Scotland. We had hoped to see the seals, but we got there too late. At any rate, I got some great (still learning, but hey, compared to my old camera, they are great) pictures with my new camera! It was also Tekara and Vivian's first time to visit the dunes. I think they enjoyed it.

Angel worked her way into many, many pictures!

River Ythan

The original was fantastic, but I thought this picture was so amazing with this effect. Don't you?

Angel is so tiny out there!
 Here we have come to the beach! The waves were really large and rolling in very quickly! The tide was really high! Usually there is about a 20yrd walk to the water, but not today! Wow!

 We had to time our walking in some areas for when the water was being pulled out the furthest. If you look at the water line in the picture below, you can see that we were in the "danger" zone. :)
 I started noticing these little jellies everywhere! Do you know what these are? So far, I haven't figured it out. It looks like there are little organisms in them.

Check out this view! You can see Bennachie in the background!


  1. Girl, you're crazy for picking up that jelly thing! Ick!!! Pictures are looking great though!

  2. We poked it a bit first to see if it would sting. hehe.


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