Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shopping for baby stuff

Last week I went shopping with my friend Tekara. We were looking for baby clothes for her baby girl that she is expecting in June. We went to Mothercare and to Next. They both had really cute clothes. Before we went inside the store, we stopped at the food truck for a hot chocolate. It's really interesting to me that these food trucks are often found here in car parks. Oh, and when I ordered my hot chocolate, they asked me if I wanted sugar in it. I've never been asked that when I've ordered a hot chocolate. I'm glad I said "yes" because it turns out that she was just making hot cocoa with no sugar at all. :)

I won't go through all the cute and fun stuff we found, but I HAVE to show you this stroller:
It looks like they skinned a wookie.
This thing was over £700.00! My friend, Liz, said, "Can you imagine if the baby had a diaper 'blow out' in that thing? You'd never get it clean. Ugh."  HAHA.

But it has fuzzy covered handles to keep your hands warm!

And a place for your older kids to ride if they get tired of walking!
Fancy stuff. One more thing that was cute: this toy:
Precious, right? :o)


  1. I wish I had been a fly on the wall of those shops while you ladies were there!!!

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  3. That stroller can make your baby comfortable. But, as your friend said, it would never be that clean again if your baby will do that "blow out" thing. baby stuff for sale philippines


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