Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Camera and Book Club

I recently got a new camera, and I've been taking tons of pictures! The dogs make great models.

This is Frog's pathetic face. He practices.
Here are some pictures from our Yahtzee game with Taryn and Peter. I love Yahtzee. Apparently, so does Angel.

Aren't they cute? I love this and the picture below!

Other things going on: Our book club meeting was this week. I enjoyed the book (Of Bees and Mist). We get together once a month to have food and wine and talk about the book. We get questions on-line to help with the discussion. Sometimes books have questions in the back.

This was Laine's last book club meeting before her move to California, so we got her a little gift.
Me, Laine, and Pam

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  1. Yahtzee! We need to play again soon! Great pictures too :)


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