Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rugby: Scotland Vs. England in Edinburgh

This past weekend Steve and I went to Edinburgh for the Scotland Vs. England rugby game. When we first arrived, we decided to eat lunch at Port of Siam, Thai food. It was great! They had interesting cocktails and terrific food. Be careful with the level of spice you choose. The "spicy" option is actually really spicy. I'm talking about red face, stinging lips, and pain inside the mouth type of spicy! Burns so good. 

Grape and vodka martini. I needed those grapes inside to cool the burn in my mouth!

Steve wanted to take my picture in front of St. Mary's Cathedral. I love the colored pavement. Now, when Steve takes photos, he just snaps continuously. I've learned to just move around and act silly because he just keeps taking pictures! Enjoy the progression... hehe

Lots of people were walking to the stadium!

There were pipers at every corner!

There is Murrayfield ahead!

Got my flag!

It was a sad game. Scotland didn't even score. :(   However, the best part of the game occurred when a skinny guy in his kilt with no shirt ran across the field (referred to as "the kilt" from this point). He was high-stepping and waving. He got halfway across the field before security noticed. One guard took off running toward him. The kilt jumped over the barrier but slipped and fell. The security guard jumped the barrier, but also slipped and fell giving the kilt time to run further. The crowd was cheering! A second security guard ran and jumped forward to tackle the kilt, but he missed. He face-planted in the mud instead. More cheering. A third guard ran like a linebacker at the kilt, sprang through the air with his arms outstretched, and tackled the kilt to the ground! Fantastic! It was so funny.

This is a mannequin in a kilt that we saw in a window on the way home. HAHA.

We stopped for a drink and to get out of the rain.

Narrow stairs to the freezing toilets in the basement... typical here.
We had a fun night out after the game. The next day Steve and I went to an Italian restaurant, Giuliano's, for lunch. The food was really good. The cappuccino was so good that I drank two, and the tiramisu was the best I've ever had!

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  1. I live near Haymarket.. I was wondering what was going on, lol.


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