Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Forvie Sands and The Food Store Farm Shop - Braving the Rain, Sleet, and Snow for Fun

Yesterday, despite the wintry mix storming down upon us, we decided to go ahead with our walk at Forvie Nature Reserve. Rain, sleet, and snow were coming down all at once! The wind was howling and causing the sleet to pelt me in the face. It felt like being shot by a BB gun. Suzie called it "exfoliation".. haha. Even though I was really cold and not wanting to go much further at the start of the walk, I eventually warmed up and had a great time! We were all soaked, but enjoying ourselves. Sometimes when the weather stays like this for weeks at a time, you just have to go for it!

Susan was pointing out the seals.

Angel braved the weather with me. I was being hit in the face by sleet in this picture.

If you click to enlarge the next group of pictures, you can see the seals in the water. I didn't bring my camera because of the weather, so all I had was my phone.

Angel loved it! She ran and played with Leila's dog. They rolled in the grass and jumped around the hills!

Jessica, Julia, and Me.

After the walk, we went to The Store, which is a restaurant and farm shop. You have got to go there! It's on the A90 about 2 miles before you get to Ellon.

Doris in the car park out front.

I love teapots

I had a venison burger!

These are the goods I got at The Store! Local potatoes, eggs, and fresh scones. I also got butter and steaks that came from their farm! Exciiiiitttting. Anybody want to take another trip out there? :)

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