Sunday, February 16, 2014

Friends, Food, Drinks, and my Expensive Camera Nearly Destroyed

This was a pretty great weekend. Friday night we met up with friends at BrewDog, and I got to talk to one of my very best friends, Lo, via WhatsApp. I really love that program. You can text and send pictures domestically and internationally for free. You just have to pay a small price to download the app.

Ana and I

Steve being silly for Lo and Alan

Lo and Alan back in Oregon
We spent the night telling stories and ended with some arm wrestling. I lost, of course. hehe. Saturday we went to Kung Fu. I staved (jammed) my thumb so I couldn't stay for the second class where we practice traditional conditioning with weights. I can't really grab anything! We went across the street to Matthews Supermarket to get a few things, and then we decided to have lunch at The Manchurian. I love that place! After eating, we went to LIDL for some grocery shopping. It was our first time to shop there. You have to pay a deposit for a trolley, so bring a pound or some bags. It was pretty great! The food there was so much cheaper than Sainsbury's. I know, I know. Perhaps there are other environmental or employment practices that I would not support that makes it cheaper, but I have to say that so far, things are even tasting just as good or better!

When we got home, my camera had arrived! I was worried when I saw the box. Check this out:

Anyway, the camera was fine. They packaged it well, thank goodness. It's my first really nice camera! I got a Nikon D3200, and I'm so excited to use it. I keep taking pictures of the dogs using different settings. :o)

Saturday night we had dinner with Taryn and Peter at Virginia's. It's BYOB, and they have everything you need as far as corkscrews and bottle openers. You'll need to make reservations. The food is FANTASTIC. It's cooked by a family from Italy. So yummy!  We had great night!

Today we cuddled on the couch with our puppies. I also cooked dinner for my friend Kit and her husband. They have a newborn so a lot of us have been bringing dinner to them. I got to hold Carver as he fell asleep in my arms. He was precious. So little. So sweet. Anyway, here is part of what I cooked for them. Give this a try. Be adventurous and find the spices. Ask if you can't find them. You'll love it!

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