Thursday, November 1, 2012

Leave date, organizing, and another try at the dog park

I've been told that we are leaving November 8th, so today I organized the kitchen to make it easy for the movers to pack. I have to put sticky notes on everything. I told Steve, "If it does not have a purple sticky note on it, you cannot use it! Don't mix things up, please." haha.

I'm sure this will be great for showing the house (insert sarcasm). The movers are coming Monday of next week so it has to be done. People will probably think we are nuts. I also spent the day looking up cell phone providers in the UK and researching Vonage. Looks like we can use Vonage and get a Houston number so that friends and family in Texas can call us as if it's a local call. Pretty cool and not too expensive. Between that and Skype, I should be able to keep in touch pretty well. I can't imagine what is was like for people to move away from their families similar to this Scotland move with nothing but a somewhat reliable mail carrier ship to help them communicate with their family. We are so blessed to have so much at our fingertips. With that said, does anybody have a cell phone and internet provider to recommend in Scotland?

Back to things here. Looks like we get to inventory items over the next couple of days and get the dogs ready to go. If they can get on a flight by the 8th or 9th of November, I'll need to take them for their shots this coming Monday.  We also need to set aside an area to stack our air shipment items. Those arrive before the shipping container... in theory.

Here is one thing on our instructions that confused me:



I'm not even sure what that last part really means. Does it mean no games that have any type of military story such as Call of Duty? Or does it mean "truer to life" sort of stuff? Does Gears of War count as military even though it's fighting an alien race?? I cannot leave Gears of War. That would be a tragedy. And if that is "military content", is Resident Evil also? I think I'm having a nerd anxiety attack. What about movies such as G.I, Joe? I seriously need some clarification. Also, it said no perfumes, aftershave lotions, etc. No lotion?? What? This is stupid. There goes all my bath and body works.

On another note, I took Frog to the park today alone. He seems to be the aggressor. We only saw two dogs, and he barked and tried to go after both. I let him sniff one, and I thought that all was well, but he suddenly was feeling "froggy" I guess. He leaped and started jumping, pawing, and snarling at the dog. Grumpy old 4-year old Frog. I'm going to have to fix this. I must say though, he sure is cute.

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