Sunday, November 25, 2012

Must-see Parade, Fish and Chips, and other tidbits

Well, have I got some goodies for you. Today we went to the Christmas Lights Switch On Parade. It was fun! It's not very crowded, and it only lasts about 30 minutes so you don't have to worry about being cold for long. I recommend going if you are ever here around this time. You can find more information on the Winter Festival website, which gives a full list of events! Just download the guide for events and dates. Here are some pictures and video from the parade:

Steve waiting for it to begin
Drummers with lights!
Yay bagpipes!

Me at the parade!

It's Santa! I saw him first!

Steve and I

After the parade, we walked to the Fish and Chips Co. We walked up to a counter, told them we wanted the small haddock supper, and paid 10.50 for it! She threw the fish on top of the chips and smothered it in vinegar and salt. Oh man... so bad but it was so yummy! We rushed home to eat it! Fabulous. You know you want to go here when you visit. Take a look at this:

To-go wrap. :o)

Oh yeah.. it was great.
 So far everything is going pretty well. I'm getting better at driving each day. We've found a car that we like and may buy. It's a Honda Civic ES hatchback. I need to keep reading the diving manual each day and start lessons. They have different tests depending on if you want to drive a manual or automatic. I hear they are both difficult.

I'm learning to cook new things, because what I normally cook isn't always easy to find. A friend I have here in the UK is giving me some recipes that I can't wait to try!

We got to watch the A&M vs. Missouri game. Well, we watched until halftime because by then it was 2:00 AM!


  1. The fish and chips look amazing. We are definitely going there when we visit. The pic of you and Steve is super cute!


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