Monday, November 5, 2012

I like to move it, move it

Somebody took the grill. It was gone before the trash. hehe. SWEET.

There are sticky notes all over my house! It's like a sticky note monster sneezed in every room! We have a color for Scotland, Storage, and Leave.

It has been so much work. We finished at about 2:15 AM. We've been going and going, but not like the energizer bunny. It's more like that game, The Sims, when they want to go to bed but you keep making them drink coffee, and then you poke them every time they pass out at the table or lean on a wall. Dang, I just remembered a place where I forgot to put sticky notes. I knew that would happen.

Cute story. When I was cleaning out the pantry, Steve came in and asked, "Are we taking the wood floors?" I said, "I don't know. Do you want to take the wood floors? haha." He turned and pointed to a sticky note on the ground. It had fallen from a picture. Silly Steve. After organizing everything, I went around the house taking pictures of every single item. I opened cabinets, drawers, boxes, and doors to take pictures of everything inside. I took pictures of serial numbers and of every angle of furniture to make sure I captured the condition. I'm tired of getting screwed. Yes, I put the date stamp on the picture. :o)

For dinner, we went to Sean and Erica's house. We took the dogs so that they could play and get rid of some energy. They have two labs. They ran all over the place. Frog followed barking. We got to see Athen. He looks fat and happy, not that I had any doubts. For dinner, Erica made chili served over mac-n-cheese. What an EXCELLENT idea. I happen to love both, but why did I not think to put them together? She is so sweet that she even sent us home with chili because she knows we can't really cook right now since we are having to pack everything. I'm already looking forward to lunch tomorrow...

So for the plane, we get 3 check in bags, one carry-on, and one personal bag. Boy, did we stuff those things! It looks like we'll be in a hotel Tuesday night and until we leave. I'm finally starting to get excited now that things are coming to a close here. Although, it still hasn't completely set in. As we were leaving Sean and Erica's house, I told Steve, "You know, it feels like any other normal night when we'd hang out with them and then head home... like nothing is changing, except that it really is changing."

I guess you have several thoughts like these when you are making a move this big! The future seems unreal when it is so totally different from what you have or ever thought you would have. I always expected to live in Texas. I like Texas. I never thought I'd be able to afford to travel to other continents and only dreamed about living abroad. Helloooooo... I'm a biologist! We work for peanuts, but not because we like the peanuts... it's because we have passion, dedication, and interests piqued by stuff like fish scales, bioluminescence, fungus, slimy sculpin, statistics, things found inside an animal's stomach,  and pheromones to name a few. I know what you're thinking. You saw one of those and laughed because it's YOU.


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