Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Aberdeen grocery shopping and Tasha's creamy chicken

Today they have some construction going on across the street. It was very loud, and people were in the position to constantly look in my windows. I kept my blinds shut all day which meant less natural light, and we already see very little as it is.
Anyway, I had a new friend come over today. We exercised together. It was great! Then I drove to Argos to pick up some things (I finally bought a hand mixer!), and to Sainsbury's to get ingredients for the creamy chicken recipe my friend Tasha sent me. I figure, well, I'm here, I might as well start finding new recipes in which I know that I can find the ingredients! One ingredient for her recipe was double cream. It's what Americans call "heavy whipping cream." I took a picture because Randi was asking me what it was as well. Simple things people.. simple things.

Here are just a couple of other pictures of products that differ from US names. Just for kicks.

I just found this to be amusing. I'm assuming it means the meat from a turkey's leg.. hehe
 The grocery "trolleys" are incredibly hard to turn. All 4 wheels turn... so it's like your trolley is "drifting" as you try to turn down an aisle! LOL. Lots of people here bring their own grocery bags. I really like that. Food comes from random places that are fun to look up. For example, my grapes were grown in Greece. The tomatoes came from Italy. The mushrooms were grown in Scotland.

When I got home, I took Angel for another run. She really loves running here! As soon as I picked up the harness, she jumped straight into the air. I love it!

Here are the pictures from Tasha's recipe. I hope I did it justice. It was fantastic. I'll let her post the recipe if she wants since she gave it to me. :)  Loved it!

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