Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My cabinets have an underglow and theaters have assigned seats

When they remodeled the house we are renting, they decided to install lights at the kickplates of counters. Check this out.

Guest bathroom

Master bathroom

Lights under cabinet

Yep, even in the kitchen.
I've never seen anything like it. I guess it's just sort of a night light. Interesting, eh?

Things have calmed down a bit. I met with some AWA (American Women of Aberdeen) women last night and learned how to play Bunco. It's really fun. I even won my money back! Tonight Steve and I met up with some other AWA people to see Twilight. He's such a sweet husband. Now before you make fun of him, you should know that the women there were saying how great he is because their husbands wouldn't come or couldn't come. :o)    Moving on: We bought the tickets online, and here you get to choose where you'll sit! Your tickets have a row and seat number so you can show up 5 minutes before the movie and still get awesome seats! Houston should adopt this idea. Also, when you order popcorn, they ask if you want sweet or salty. In Texas, they only ask if you want butter. Oh, it's the small things that amuse me.  Another example, the parking garage. I've been to many a car park living in Houston, but never one like this. A camera takes a picture of your car and license plate as you enter. Before you leave, you look for the picture of your car and the license number on the pay machine. That's how you pay for parking!

Anyway, Thursday we are going to the AWA Thanksgiving dinner. I have to make a cake or two. I'm a terrible baker. Friday I'm going to learn how to play Mahjong! Any tips? :o)

Just for fun pic:

In the US (they still refer to the States as "the Colonies" in the UK.. by the way.. haha), Campbell's is the big soup producer. Here, it's Heinz. Also, my friend told me that chicken broth is not just broth. I was about to grab a can. Apparently, it has all kinds of veggies and stuff in it that we don't get in the US. I bought the cubes instead.  My brain has lost all patterns of recognition for the grocery store. Time for a reset. :o)

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  1. I'll hopefully see you tonight at Thanksgiving, but if not, I'll definitely be at Mahjong tomorrow. I'm slightly obsessed.


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