Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dreaming and Driving

This morning was crazy. I must have been really tired because I was having dreams that I was in battles and the enemy was trying to wake me so that they could win. I was caught by silver strands that shot through various places in my body as some dark shape was yelling at me to wake up and get out. I thought I was awake at one point. I could hear Steve talking to me, but I couldn't see him. I thought maybe he was in the bathroom getting ready for work. Then I realized that he was somewhere else, and my consciousness was pulled toward him, back into the dream. Suits of armor were coming to life. Creatures were climbing up walls. There were swords, spears, and some other weapons that would hook you upon contact and then shoot out a line to the person who threw it so that they could pull you toward them. I guess it's this Lord of the Ring book that is giving me some interesting nights! Steve says I should use the dreams to write novels like Stephen King's books. Perhaps. I'm not sure that I'd know how to put it into words or into a good complete story.

Moving on. I finally unpacked the Christmas decorations, but I still need to get a tree. Out of the two CD's I found in my Christmas boxes, one was "Celtic Christmas." How fun is that? I played it while I decorated. I designed my Christmas town European style. Notice how the houses are all crammed in with seemingly no order.

I love Charlie Brown!

I took Frog to the park today. It was a dreary, rainy day, but getting out helps regardless. :o)

I found a butcher shop today. Maybe I'll find some time tomorrow to stop in and get some things. It's on Rosemount St. The beef at Sainsbury's isn't so great. It's pretty flavorless and "spongy"...I don't like spongy. There is a Costco here. I've been told they have pretty good meats.

I'm finally figuring out roundabouts. Here it goes. Pay attention now. If you pull up and want to take the third exit (because you can't just turn right, you have to go all the way around), you put on your right blinker, but you go left around the circle on the inside lane. Put on your left blinker just before your turn and whip off in that direction... carefully of course. If you want to go left, put on your left blinker and stay in the outer circle lane. It's about the same if you want to go straight, although some roundabouts tell you to get in the right lane and go in the middle lane to go straight. Some roundabouts are 1 lane, some have 2 lanes going about the circle, and some have three!

There aren't many stop signs here. Just about everything is a "Give Way", and if you are supposed to stop there will be a solid painted line instead of a dashed line across your lane. This means give way.

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