Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pet health certificates, bicycles, and getting drenched

I slept 4 hours last night! The movers came very early. We just had time to drink some coffee! They packed everything upstairs, while I worked on the inventory. Steve had to run to the bank to get his car title. They apparently couldn't find it. It was supposed to be in a safe, and it was not there. The woman who had it was on vacation, and the other one who knew where it could be was at a funeral. It took over an hour, but they finally found it! We had leftover chili for a late lunch. MMMMmmmm. So yummy. Thanks, Erica! After lunch, I was running on fumes. I took a 30 minute nap.

When I woke up, I grabbed the dogs, the paperwork, Steve, and my purse, and headed to the vet. We were there for 2.5 hours to get them dewormed, and they were trying to get the paperwork filled out correctly. All kinds of people were calling while we were there. The scheduling service called requesting to show our house at 5:45 PM. It was 4:30 PM, and we were still at the vet! We went back and forth trying to push it back to another day, but the latest we could get them to go was 7:30 PM this evening. We still needed to get bicycles, go to Costco, and try to clean up the house as best as we could. We decided that Steve should take the dogs home while I waited so that we could go strait to the cycle store from the vet. That visit cost us $300. I thought it was supposed to be covered in what we already paid that pet relocation company. I'm going to ask tomorrow.

We went to Sugar Cycles to check out bicycles. We walked out with one for each of us! They were so helpful and nice there. They let us ride them around the parking lot and helped us get fitted to the right size. He asked what we were looking for, what we would use them for, and what kind of riding would we be doing (city, hills, flat, rough terrain, etc,...). They installed water bottle holders for us and got us hooked up with some lights for our cycles! As we were leaving, it started sprinkling. We opened the back of the SUV and tried to get the cycles in the back. We tried Steve's first but had to pull it out and turn it around. At that moment, it started POURING. We stood in the rain trying to take off the front wheels and shove 2 cycles into the back of a small SUV. We got in the car at the end of it and just started laughing. That would happen to us. We were soaked, and of course the rain stopped when we got in the car.

Mine! Reflectors reflect light.. sorry.. who knew?

Steve's cycle in the front. yay!
I'm WAY excited about my bicycle. I may get up early just to go for a ride. I think I have a helmet upstairs that hasn't been packed.

When we got home, we cleaned up quickly and then jumped back in the car, still wet. We realized it was 7:30 PM, we were too far from Costco to make it before closing, starving, and if I didn't mention it, still wet. We stopped for some smoothies and went to HEB. I picked up several single-serve coffee bags that were labeled "San Antonio", "Houston", and "Texas Pecan" blends. They will make cute gifts to bring if we are invited over for dinner by any locals that we may befriend. We also picked up: California Hot Mix, Rotel, Fire-roasted tomatoes, pasta, rice, Frank's Red Hot sauce, some spices, taco seasoning, Ranch, Ketchup, and coffee. A few of those things will just be a nice surprise of not having to go to the grocery store when they arrive. haha!

On our way home I mentioned to Steve that it was our last night in our house. I said, "Let's skip it and go to the movies." I was joking of course. :o)

Now, I hope to just get some decent rest tonight.


  1. Great bikes! We have Specialized, too. :-) I can't believe the rain, but so glad y'all can laugh it off. Y'all are such good sports!


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