Friday, November 23, 2012

I killed my XBox

I did. I killed it. We got our air shipment, and I was so excited to play. I plugged it in just like our laptops. It didn't occur to me that it could need a different output voltage. It didn't come on. I told Steve, "Hey, it's not coming on." He paused, then stared at me and said, "Turn it off right now." He checked some other things plugged into living room walls, and they were not working. I'd tripped the breaker and killed my XBox power source. At least I hope it's just the power source. Tragic day. Now I have to buy a new power source. Doh!

Steve walked to work today. He said he had to walk at a slant because of the wind. I could hear it moving between the houses. It sounded like a plane coming, and then the windows would shake as it hit the house! They get strong winds here.

So I made my cakes today. I again forgot to buy a mixer so it took FOREVER! I had to mix everything with a fork in a roasting pot (no mixing bowls). By the time it all finished, 2 hours had passed. We were 1 hr and 20 minutes late to the pot luck. We still got to meet lots of great people. Everybody was so nice!

Tonight I took the dogs running. I took Frog first. He has to learn his place in the world before I can walk both of them together again. I don't know if he's being territorial or is afraid. I'll keep walking them separately until I can figure him out. When I took Frog for his jog, he barked at every dog. When I took Angel, a man was right outside our door walking his lab. She waited for me and calmly walked up to sniff the dog. No problems. The Scottish guy said he'd spent some time in Bryan, Texas for firefighter training. Pretty cool. He also said that Angel had a "real smart sweater." He asked if I knitted it. I told me "No, Martha Stewart did." :)  I know dog clothes are silly sometimes, but I don't do it to dress them up. They came from Texas. They have no winter coat. They go outside and shiver. In hindsight, I wish I'd spent a bit more time chatting with him. It's good to get to know your neighbors, and I didn't really try. Americans are always in such a hurry. I need to train myself out of that. I don't feel like it is as much that way here.

Angel and I in our warm stuff out for a run.
Angel ran about 1.5 miles with me tonight then did some sprints up and down the hill by our house. Finally wore that dog down! YEEEESSSS. Calm rest of the night for me!

As for Frog, he was ready to snuggle with Steve on the couch. He couldn't jump up, and wasn't allowed up, so he stayed like this:

The dogs are both passed out snoring now. I wish I could run with them more, but I seem to have a pulled muscle in my leg that never heals. :(

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