Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We are homeless

The house has been packed. It's so empty and sad. I don't think the dogs really understood. They seemed very stressed. I worked on our inventory list all day. Steve brought me tacos and coffee from Tornado Taco for lunch! He is so sweet!

We got our prescriptions. We said good-bye to our neighbors. They gave me reusable shopping bags that say "Houston" on them. :o) A huge 20 ft. container was backed up to our drive-way, and they loaded everything! A couple of things were missed and had to be packed last minute, so if you ever do this, I recommend going through your house checking things as they pack. Don't be afraid to say something if it looks like they missed it, and don't assume they will get it later .

We packed the SUV to the TOP. Three large suitcases, 2 carry-on suitcases, a toiletry bag, rolling backpack, large duffel bag, 4 grocery bags, one large dog crate in half, and one large dog crate put together were all stuffed into the Equinox. Steve told me once that he thinks I was a truck driver in my previous life. Perhaps...

We took the dogs to Randi and Adam's house. Locke and Lacey (sp?) are so cute. Randi said that Angel and Lacey have been playing tonight! I'm glad they will be worn out before getting on the plane Thursday. It will help them to sleep. Here is one of the pictures she took of them all begging to get inside.

Frog, Angel, Lacey, Locke

We went to Chuy's to have one last dose of Mexican food. We had a good time telling stories and laughing. Randi and Adam are such fun people! After dinner we checked into our hotel. We are staying at the Hotel Indigo. It's really nice. I'm so happy to have such a nice place to stay. It makes the transition easier. If you are in some scary motel, it makes you homesick for sure!

 It's an exciting and yet stressful time. We are not free yet! We still have many things to do before leaving. We have to get up early tomorrow to go back to the house and clean. We have more forms to complete, titles to drop off, people to call, dogs to check on, e-mails to write, and bags to repack. Wish us luck!

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