Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Butcher, A Baker, and.... A Fishmonger in Aberdeen

Today I took a walk to run some errands. It was so cold that the rain drops, although not frozen, were like stinging pellets. I found a hair salon and stopped in to make an appointment. The man working there was so cherry and friendly. Hopefully his talent cutting hair is a good as his social skills.

From there I walked to The Bread Maker. It's a coffee shop/bakery that employs adults with learning disabilities. I had leek and potato soup with brown bread (they ask if you want "white or brown" instead of "white or wheat" like they say in the US). The soup was okay. I wouldn't recommend it, but I also wouldn't advise against it. The latte was great! The staff was so nice. I bought two mince pies to go. Don't know what a mince pie is? Click here.

From there I walked up the street to the Herd's Butcher Shop. On my way, I passed a Cheesemonger (sells cheese) and a Fishmonger. The Cheesemonger was on break. It was a sad moment. The fishmonger was open, but I didn't need any fish today, so maybe I'll give them a try this weekend. They had smoked haddock there, and it was not bright yellow. It had a slight orange tint. :o)

I had to use a picture from Google Maps, because I accidentally deleted mine!
I walked into Herd's, up some steps onto a wood floor surrounded by walls lined with glass counters. There were all kinds of cuts for different types of meats: beef, pork, and venison. I was greeted by a thin, older gentleman in an apron and a butcher's hat. It was like being in a movie. I was tickled pink. So many things in Texas are crammed in large supermarkets. This was such a treat for me! The butcher was friendly and spent some time talking to me about weather in Aberdeen versus Texas. Then, we had the following conversation:

"So, how do people in Aberdeen cook burgers with it raining all the time?" I asked. The butcher said in his adorable Scottish accent, "Well, we use the grill or fry them in a pan." I responded, "What is the best way to get a good flavor and keep it from drying?" He answered, "I personally like the grill." I was thinking, 'I wonder how they grill if it's raining ALL the time. Maybe he's not talking about the same grill that I am thinking about.' As if he heard my thoughts, his next sentence was, "Or if ye'r really brave, ye get yer coat and whiskey and cook it on the Bar-B-Que!" Riiiiight.. they call that setting in the oven "the grill." Remember my cake incident?

So I left with 2 venison burgers, some unsmoked bacon, and a pound of steak mince (as they call it here). He even took my reusable grocery bag and put it all in for me as he sent me on my way with an, "Alright then. Take care now. Thank you. Bye now!" Scottish people say long good-byes. I like it. They don't seem to be in a hurry.
When I stepped outside, it was no longer raining. It was snowing! By the time I got to the bottom of the hill, it was raining again. (Sighs) Only in Aberdeen.

Now as an aside. I'd like to end with a frame-by-frame, play-by-play of my efforts to get the posh, Texas-weather-acclimated, Frog dog to go out in the cold to potty. I posted these in sequence.
"I want in there... it's cold out here."

"Hey you! Are you listening to me?!" (Translated from woof! woof!)

"In there looks so much better... I can hold it."

"Hey! Open the door woman!"


  1. So many fun adventures! Love it!
    Why are there 2 yellow lines on the side of the road?
    My mom's boyfriend loves mincemeat pies. Here at some grocery stores you can buy hard of the filling. Then you just dump it in a pie crust and bake it. They're not bad, but I'm sure your fresh ones were much better!

    1. The double yellow line means that you cannot stop or park there.


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