Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Edinburgh for the Holidays

We have made it safely to our holiday! We are in Edinburgh, Scotland. It took us about 2.5 hours to get here. The scenery was amazing! Rolling hills that disappeared into low clouds. Farms tucked away into valleys. Slopes cleared and filled with little white puffs everywhere... sheep. Mills tucked into crevices of hillsides. It was neat.

Where are we going???

Steve getting directions ready!
Crossing over to Edinburgh!

Forth Road Bridge is a big bridge. "The bridge, opened in 1964, spans the Firth of Forth"

Anyway, we finally found the the Bed and Breakfast. Our room here at the B&B is very cozy. The dogs are doing great as well! Angel really likes to run up the stairs!

View of the castle from our window. Sorry that it's blurry. I was using my phone, and it's a foggy, misty night.

 We ate at La Piazza for dinner. It was GREAT. I had tortellini with truffles and sausage in a red wine sauce. Yum!

It was so strange eating out on Christmas Eve, but so many other people were doing it. One family next to us had a little boy who laughed just like Randy, Ralphie's little brother on A Christmas Story. Steve quoted the movie, "Who's Mommy's little piggy?" The kid started giggling at that exact moment just like Randy in the movie. It was so funny!

After dinner, we took the dogs to the lounge with us, and we had a couple of cocktails. We met and talked to a couple from South Africa while the dogs napped on the floor. They were really nice. Then, we went upstairs to our room to watch The Santa Clause. We have A Christmas Story downloading on iTunes to watch tomorrow. It's my favorite Christmas movie! 

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