Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snow, a Recipe from a Scottish Man, and Decorations

We still had some snow on the ground this morning. It's not much, but when you've moved from Houston, TX, it's still so great!  Angel has never seen snow. This was her first experience, and she kept smelling it! Frog is no stranger to snow because he was raised in Minnesota. He's not impressed and is not interested in going in the yard. He stays on the pavement.

Sorry about the glare. I took lots trying to get a picture of her that wasn't blurry or showing her behind!  haha.

This morning we had brunch suggested by a Scottish chap I met in the grocery store. He told me to buy haddock, pan fry it in butter, and serve it with a fried egg on top. He said they usually have it with their tea at his house. Well, we gave it a try!

It's yellow because they dye it. It's just smoked haddock. After some research by my friend Randi, it seems that haddock that has been properly smoked is sort of orange in color. Sometimes they add liquid smoke instead and then dye it. Who knows what this is... we ate it. It's pretty strong at first, but it really is good with a fried egg! It's very filling too. We weren't hungry for a while.

We finally set up our Christmas tree tonight. It's small but it's ours. :) My favorite thing about Christmas trees is the memories it showcases. I love to hang hand-made decorations and decorations that represent something special. For example, these:

I know you are wondering... it's because my degrees are in fisheries, and I love fishing. :o)

Anybody want to tell the world about your favorite ornaments? I love to read stories.

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